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  • Autumn / Winter 2023 · An Exploration of Industrial Workwear 1523 - 2023

    Maharishi introduces Autumn / Winter 2023. Drawing inspiration from the utility and solid construction of industrial workwear over the last 500 years. Harnessing the pacifist approach to military design ethos, focusing on the uniforms of fire-fighters and harnessed construction workers from Japan, U.S. and England.
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  • Autumn / Winter 2023 · Original Snopants®

    Original Snopants® have been long established as Maharishi’s signature trouser, having featured in each collection since 1996.
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  • Spring / Summer 2023 · Guest Artist: Yoshitsuya

    Across the MAHA SONGKRAN 23 collection, hand-machine embroidered tonal elements from Yoshitsuya‘s painting can be seen on military and sportswear staples in organic cottons.
    Spring / Summer 2023 · Guest Artist: Yoshitsuya
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  • Spring / Summer 2023 · The Art of Sak Yant

    An in-depth look into the Sak Yant capsule of Spring Summer 23, examining the meaning and origin behind the ancient Thai tattoo art.
    Spring / Summer 2023 · The Art of Sak Yant
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  • Spring / Summer 2023 · MAHA SONGKRAN '23

    Taking inspiration from the silhouettes and textiles of Hill Tribes in Northern Thailand, alongside artwork motifs of tigers and Sak Yant tattoo designs.
    Spring / Summer 2023 · MAHA SONGKRAN '23
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  • Year of the Rabbit

    In celebration of the Lunar New Year for 2023, Maharishi honour the Rabbit with an exclusive capsule.
    Year of the Rabbit
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  • Maha Warhol

    The collection explores contemporary mediums, as well as the many ways as to how art is conceived today.
    Maha Warhol
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  • Autumn / WInter 2022 · Blind Flying Masters

    Maharishi pays tribute to Japanese Ukiyo-e artists Kawanabe Kyōsai and Tsukioka Yoshitoshi for Autumn Winter 2022.
    Autumn / WInter 2022 · Blind Flying Masters
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  • Autumn / Winter 2022 · Technical

    In the latest editorial feature, Maharishi explores the Greyfield Woods, highlighting some of AW22's technical styles.
    Autumn / Winter 2022 · Technical
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  • Maharishi x Digital Soundboy

    Maharishi partner with @shyfx and @digitalsoundboy to celebrate Notting Hill Carnival 2022.Andre “Shy FX” Williams has quietly been one of the most influential British producers of the last 25 years. From his ground-breaking jungle anthem Original Nuttah (a tune that has as much impact now as it did when it first smashed into the charts in the early 90s), to his timely switch into dubstep, house and roots reggae in the 00s, to his behind-the-scenes production work for multi-million selling pop RnB acts, Shy’s ability to fuse soundsystem culture with electronic futurism and classic song writing has defined the music of successive generations.In 2019 he released his critically acclaimed album ‘Raggamuffin SoundTape’ that deftly steps between tempo and styles, encompassing lyrical hip hop, sweet soul, and bass heavy breakbeat, drawing together the many influences that have kept him at the forefront of dance music for over quarter of a century.The word legend is used too much these days, but embodies Shy and his career without question. A real modern-day soundman.Words: Jon BaileyPhotography: Mikey MasseyExclusively available at the London flagship store. Thursday 25th August 11AM. 2-3 Great Pulteney StreetLondon, W1F 9LY
    Maharishi x Digital Soundboy
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  • Experimental Flight

    Flight uniforms by the USAF were introduced in order to aid access for pilots whilst sat compressed within cockpits. Through ergonomically placed zip pockets, pilots would have had full access to cargo stowed during flight, and held secure in the event of ejection.
    Experimental Flight
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